The Windows Store will remove spam reviews underneath the app

In the Windows Store offering Windows-based applications, anyone can post a review of a given product by giving them a specific star rating. Unfortunately instead of the normal reviews, there is a mass of junk spam with which Microsoft is going to fight.

When shopping online, we often follow the opinions of other users to better understand the quality of the product. This policy also applies to digital stores offering applications such as the Windows Store, where instead of reviews, starred reviews represent product quality.

Unfortunately, not all of the users of this adult store to use its features and a large part of reviews posted there, it’s a garbage mullaby without any value for the user who would like to know something of the app’s interest.

Microsoft has determined that it is time to put a stop to such a spamming of the shop and work on a tool that will automatically search for it and then remove it. This will make it easier for customers to find reviews that will allow them to better understand the quality of their applications.

The company hopes that the changes will benefit both application users and their manufacturers.

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