The Nexus 9 is as powerful as the two-year MacBook Pro

Tablets until recently could not match the performance of laptops, as the latter were installing significantly stronger components. However, tablets have managed to catch up with their biggest rival, and as the first benchmarks for the performance of the Nexus 9 show, Google’s latest hardware is as powerful as the two-year-old MacBook Pro.

Geekbench has tested the latest Nexus 9 product from the US company, which will officially launch on November 3. The result is a big surprise to many. It turns out that the tablet has scored in this benchmark as high as 1903 points, which puts it almost equal to the model of laptops two years ago, specifically, the 2012 MacBook Pro, which reached 1925 points.

So high performance of these small devices makes them an increasingly real threat to laptops. Why buy a powerful laptop costing several thousand, since similar performance can be obtained by buying a tablet for just over a thousand dollars.

So far, tablets are mostly fun to play with, but nowadays, increasing performance is opening up new possibilities for them, making them suitable for advanced video editing or image processing, if you have the right applications.

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