PS4, HTC One and the door to the narnia, that is what brought us this week in technowinkowym

The end of the week, which is “what tigers like most”, and with the start of the weekend, our summary. What was happening? Well, quite a bit, apart from the important conferences and the prime minister (one of the key things that I would say so) was quite a lot of interesting events in the world of new technologies. Below you will find a brief description of links to our most interesting materials from the whole week.

Definitely a palm of precedence this week should be given to Sony and the premiere / announcement of the new console. Some people have been waiting for this event for 7 years. As the game itself does not do the expert, so under this link you will find material prepared by our colleagues from the game editor and there you will find all the information about the PlayStation 4.

At first I mentioned conferences, which explicitly suggests more than one. Who closely followed the news from the techno world, certainly knows everything about the launch of the new flagship model HTC. The new baby of the Taiwanese, the HTC One, is quite impressive and powerful, and we have prepared a short summary of it with other models of top manufacturers.

Since we are already on the phones and prime ministers, I can not fail to mention the upcoming MWC 2013, where Nokia seems to be preparing for an offensive and rumors will show there are four new smartphone models, including the expected Lumia 1000. There are also voices that in the middle of March will appear Samsung Galaxy S IV, which has recently accustomed us to the trend in the smartphone world.

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If you are afraid of the “peaceful” intervention of America in relation to our alleged shale gas sheds, you will probably be interested in Al-Qaeda’s brief guide to drones. But if the American bombs are not terrible for you, maybe the biological bomb you’re holding in your hands will make some impression on you. And finally, a very interesting article about perishable equipment, blown-up bulbs, etc. Why so often and why so expensive you will find here.