Powerful power in every pocket

Statistically the most important user applies to the equipment that is closest to him … That is why many of us are particularly affectionate in the pocket of phones. Gigahertz, huge amounts of RAM and powerful screen make it not only a tool for talking, sending and instant messaging.

The birth of another superstar smartphone requires the cooperation of many component manufacturers. I saw this during a visit to the Qualcomm booth during MWC 2013. The manufacturer has presented solutions taken from mobile technology that will affect how we move, how we live, or how we use entertainment content.

One of the first things I noticed was a car with a mobile processor Snapdragon. Thanks to this solution, the car will soon become a mobile hot spot, passengers will be able to watch movies, and the driver will receive interactive directions on a detailed route map, with notes, worth a visit, where is the cheapest fuel, the best roadside restaurant. This car camera will help you identify who is behind the wheel, adjust the seats, air conditioning and finally help you park safely. Software developers will be able to access the software on Android.

Another big impression on me was the presentation of the possibilities of mobile processor in the role of home theater heart. Snapdragon 800 lets you play 4K video with 7.1 surround sound. The trailer of the latest Star Trek was exhilarating. True magic began a moment later. Qualcomma engineers have developed a technology that allows you to achieve surround sound in ordinary … headphones. In addition, Snapdragon has found use in coffee machines, refrigerators and other household appliances that are slowly but constantly designed to interact with users.

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