Lamps with popular cartoon characters

Children’s room is the place where we have the most memories. Must have some secrets, a place to work and play. And necessarily, provide an excellent atmosphere. A good way to improve the “climate” in a room is to use light. With Philips lamps, cheerful characters from Disney animated films can enter each child’s room.

Mickey Mouse, Little Mermaid, princesses and shaggy animosity from other fairy tales served as models for the production of children’s lamps. Philips Disney has been designed to create a magical family moment and allow children to spend time with their favorite Disney characters. When you want to help children wake up and fall asleep, make their fun as colorful as their imagination.

StoryLight Micky transforms reading into a pillow in an interesting story. In a clever way, it can be combined with the iPads that are read by the iPad, whose characters come alive through the magical light that overflows the child’s bedroom.

For small fans of the film “Monsters and Company” you can buy a glowing friend who will sleep peacefully at night. SoftPals light emits just enough light to keep the child safe and relaxed during the night.

LivingColors with Mickey Mouse and Minnie – they offer so many colors that the child can easily escape to the world of his colorful imagination.…

HP specter, HP envy, aio HP Envy 27 and HP Envy 27 Display

HP has unveiled its latest business-focused devices: the HP Specter x360 and Envy laptops, the AIO computer, and Envy monitors.

The first device to go on sale will be the HP Envy laptop with QHD + screen and early in the year to join it with 4K UHD resolution. Devices running Windows 10 will be powered by Kay Lake processors with 16 GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD. USB 3.0 and USB C ports are also included.

Represented by a 13.3 “diagonal display and capable of being completely reversed, it will be powered by the Intel Core 7 processor. The laptop will allow up to 15 hours of battery life, and 90 minutes will be enough to fill up the battery with 90% charge.

The All-in_One Envy 27-inch QHD or 4K UHD screen is also on the premium line, and is powered by an Intel Core 6 processor, powered by an Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M graphics card. 256GB and disc to 2TB. Also included is Thunderbolt port 3 and Bang & Olufsen speakers.

The HP Envy 27 Display is a 4K UHD monitor offering a wide viewing angle, sRGB palette and support for AMD Free Sync.…

New macbook complicated in repair

Apple laptops have always been designed so that the average user can not handle any repairs and has to use official services. For the new 12-inch Retina display, the MacBook is exactly what iFixit has confirmed.

Editors of a well-known website to help users fix their own hardware, this time they took a look at the latest MacBook model equipped with a 12-inch Retina display. This is one of the most compact models of this company because of the lack of moving parts, so no fans, no rotating disk plates.

Unfortunately for that reason it is extremely complicated to repair, so iFixit + Macbook + 2015 + Teardown / 39841 gave it only 1 in 10 possible points. This means that if something goes wrong, the chance of self-actualization is negligible and you should use the very expensive Apple services.

The very opening of the computer case is a big problem due to unusual screws. It also does not help the new way of routing cables, and the USB-C connector is located deep beneath the display’s retention frame.

The battery as usual for Apple laptops has been glued to the bottom of the case, so getting to it is not easy. There is no glass separating the Retina display from the rest of the elements, so that the replacement will be very expensive. RAM and flash have also been merged with the motherboard, so you can forget about the potential for RAM expansion.…

Which is the fastest?

Google Chrome is known for speed, but is it still the fastest web browser? We compare it to popular applications: Opera, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

Throughout the web, it was always about getting the information you needed, in addition as quickly as possible. But now much has changed. Today, the internet is not just information – it’s also online games or cloud-based applications that should work quickly and efficiently, just like desktop counterparts.

Google Chrome browser is very popular because of the speed of its work. But is it still the fastest on the market? We check the performance of other equally known browsers and compare them to Chrome.

Browser performance is primarily based on JavaScript rendering speed, so we’ll use tools to help assess the capabilities of each browser. Tests should be carried out every few months, as browsers are getting newer versions. These are always richer with new patches, optimizations and often useful functions. Everything to encourage the user to change the current program.

We will use the following benchmarks and tools online:

Compared to the previous 2010 test, this time we have used one more benchmark – HTML5 Particle Acceleration. Since the previous test a lot has changed and nowadays it is no longer enough to measure in JavaScript. Microsoft introduced the concept of hardware acceleration, a solution where the web browser also uses the graphics card installed on the computer. This benchmark measures the performance of this type – we will return to it at the right moment.

Tests in turn will be conducted on browsers:

The tests were performed on a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop with an Intel Core i5-3320M (2.60GHz) processor, 4GB of RAM, a 128GB gigabyte SSD, and a 64-bit Windows 7 operating system. The laptop also has an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics chip with a capacity of 64 MB of standalone memory, along with 1632 MB of shared RAM. During testing we used “High Performance” mode.

Tests: SunSpider 0.9.1 JavaScript Benchmark

Miliseconds less = better

Compared to the test a few years ago, the differences are significant. First of all, all browsers are fast now, and there is no chance that any one will get worse than 1000 ms. This means that each application is fast, although Internet Explorer is far from over – 801.6 ms is clearly worse than the other applications.

Internet Explorer 10, which slightly outperformed Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, was the first to hit this time. However, here are a fraction of a second, so it’s safe to say that all browsers – even IE9 – are fast in rendering JavaScript.

Tests: Octane JavaScript Benchmark

In the Octane benchmark, Internet Explorer could not pass all the tests, and as a result, it ran out. Other applications have done very well, although it is worth mentioning that Octane is the former Google V8 Benchmark, so Chrome’s high score here should be treated with a grain of salt.…

Alexa will go to more devices

Amazon and Intel are working together to make Alexa available for more devices. In the near future, the digital assistant will no longer be limited to the speakers of the American corporation.

Amazon Alexa is one of the most interesting technologies of recent years. It’s a voice assistant that works in a similar way to Cortana or Siri, but a different field. It is part of the Amazon Echo family of speakers and focuses primarily on home use.

The assistant can read messages, share stock results, read ebooks, play music, and manage home appliances from the smart home category. With voice commands we can control lighting, heating and many other things.

So far Alexa has been confined to Echo speakers, but will soon be on other devices. Amazon has partnered with Intel to make the digital assistant available on all new hardware.

Intel is also working to make the assistant part of the Smart Home Hub, which will enable manufacturers to build new smart home products that work with Alexa.…

Flamester typing in the colors of the rainbow

American company Cronzy has created a flamaster writing all the colors of the rainbow. The gadget can produce any color from a palette of 16 million colors!

Most pens allow you to write only one color. Although there are multicolor pens, they are not very popular and convenient to use due to the use of multiple cartridges that increase in size. We are still limited to just a few colors.

However, the American company Cronzy has created a pen that is a true revolution, as it offers the ability to write in any color from a huge palette of colors. This device is called Cronzy and is equipped with small ink cartridges containing basic colors that are then blended to obtain the right color.

At the other end of the pen is an optical system to scan the desired color from any object. It can also be selected from the mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Then, the electronic arrangement blends colors, thus obtaining the color chosen.

Producer of this remarkable pen collectes Indiegogo money to start a serial production, while allowing the gadget to be purchased at the same time. For $ 100 we will receive a flamaster, with five exchangeable tips, two ink cartridges and instructions.…

Luxembourg supports cosmic mining

Ending resources on the planet make big companies intensify their efforts to start extracting resources from asteroids close to Earth. Overhead is an almost inexhaustible source of all kinds of metals and precious elements, and it is enough to reach for it.

Of course, legal issues need to be settled in the past and this is what Luxembourg has done. A small European state has adopted new legislation on space mining. Companies wishing to extract resources from the asteroid will be able to stop the dredge, provided their missions are previously authorized and comply with international law. New regulations will officially enter into force early next year.

Many European countries have not yet addressed this issue, but Luxembourg is a place where many large corporations have branches because of attractive tax regulations. The provisions introduced there, can greatly facilitate the extraction activities.

The Luxembourg authorities not only introduce new regulations on space mining but also want to attract companies specializing in such ventures. There have already been talks with 20 space companies, including Deep Space Industries and Planetary Resources.…

Electric go-kart for children

It is not known that go kart racing is a true forge of talents of future racing drivers, the best example being Robert Kubica, the first Pole in Formula 1. It is therefore advisable to encourage your child from training in the early years, and help with this Arrow Smart-Kart.

The Smart-Kart is the first electric go-kart to be created for the youngest, which is the perfect toy for the baby and can further motivate him to become a professional racing driver in the future.

Gadget developed by Actev Motors may look awkward, but do not let its look fool you, as it is not a typical car dumpster for the little ones. The vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is compatible with smartphones on the iOS and Android platforms.

Dedicated application allows you to adjust the capacity of the go-cart, such as a speed limit of up to 19 km / h and the setting of safe areas where the child can move (after leaving the vehicle will turn off). The toy will also report lack of activity for an extended period of time, plus an emergency shutdown button. The manufacturer of the go-kart has also installed anti-collision sensors that automatically stop it when it detects an obstacle in its path.

Interestingly, the application working with Arrow Smart-Kart is not just for parents, because children can also use it. They can also set their own maximum speed (without exceeding the limit set by parents), the driving time and the distance they want to beat. They can also pick up engine sounds, gaining more realism while driving.

The product costs $ 600 and is already available for pre-order on the manufacturer’s website. Builders also promise to provide additional accessories such as personalized body kits, Formula 1-inspired steering wheel, or cones with distance sensors.…