Lamps with popular cartoon characters

Children’s room is the place where we have the most memories. Must have some secrets, a place to work and play. And necessarily, provide an excellent atmosphere. A good way to improve the “climate” in a room is to use light. With Philips lamps, cheerful characters from Disney animated films can enter each child’s room.

Mickey Mouse, Little Mermaid, princesses and shaggy animosity from other fairy tales served as models for the production of children’s lamps. Philips Disney has been designed to create a magical family moment and allow children to spend time with their favorite Disney characters. When you want to help children wake up and fall asleep, make their fun as colorful as their imagination.

StoryLight Micky transforms reading into a pillow in an interesting story. In a clever way, it can be combined with the iPads that are read by the iPad, whose characters come alive through the magical light that overflows the child’s bedroom.

For small fans of the film “Monsters and Company” you can buy a glowing friend who will sleep peacefully at night. SoftPals light emits just enough light to keep the child safe and relaxed during the night.

LivingColors with Mickey Mouse and Minnie – they offer so many colors that the child can easily escape to the world of his colorful imagination.

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