Instagram gives you more control over comments

Instagram introduces a new feature that will surely please users who are targeted for vulgar attacks. The portal has provided tools that give more control over the comments.

Social media is full of heats and you do not have to look long to find profanity and insulting epithets on various profiles. Such behavior is becoming more and more a problem also on Instagram, so the portal has provided its users with a tool that allows to fight it.

There is a new feature on the platform that gives you more control over the comments people post on our profile. These are keyword-based filters that will automatically block entries if they are found in the presence of the selected words.

It’s not all, the account owner also has the ability to completely disable comments under any post. So far, this option was only available for selected accounts, but now it has been made available to all users. Of course, at any time, the comments can be restored.

This is not all the changes planned by Instagram. Soon, private users will be able to remove the fan they previously accepted without blocking it. The person removed will not be informed of this fact.

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