Grenade Launcher with 3D printer

Research laboratories of the US Army have tested the first grenade made almost entirely on a 3D printer. The RAMBO design is based on the M203AI and even the ammo is printed.

3D printers can produce a variety of things, from small parts of large machines to houses and cars. It has also been known for several years that they are great for weapons production.

We have already seen several designs for pistols and rifles, which, thanks to the plans from the internet, every owner of a 3D printer could do. And now the benefits of this technology are also being exploited by the American army.

ARDEC (Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center), a research and development center of the US Army, tested the first grenade launcher a few days ago, including ammunition in 3D printing technology. RAMBO (Rapid Additively Manufactured Ballistics Ordnance), a demonstration of 3D printers, can accelerate the prototyping and modification of weapons and reduce the cost of production.

The weapon is based on the M203A1 grenade, and almost all its parts, except for springs and a few other components, were made on the printer. Naturally, these were not ordinary printers, as the complexity of the design required more advanced equipment. Especially for metal parts such as the barrel and the magazine.

The process of creating a gun on a printer may not be the cheapest, but it is certainly much faster than traditional methods. Besides, it does not require the participation of specialized specialists.

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