GoPro will pay for movies and holiday photos

If you like to travel around the world and document your photos and videos of places you visit, you can now earn good money. GoPro is launching a new initiative called GoPro Awards, where the authors of the best films and photos sent to the company will be rewarded accordingly.

GoPro some time ago launched a portal where people could throw videos or photos and make money on license fees. But now the company comes up with a completely new initiative called GoPro Awards, where you can earn extra money. This time the money will not come from the licensees, but from GoPro itself, which is intended to spend $ 5 million a year.

As part of the GoPro Awards program, camera users can send movies and photos to the company and the authors of the best material will be rewarded accordingly. Materials are divided into several categories such as Family, Sports, Motorsport, Animals, Adventure, Action and a couple of others.

For a picture you can get $ 500, $ 1,000 for raw video, and $ 5000 for a edited movie. In return, GoPro will acquire global rights to the material (but not exclusive) and will be able to monetize it, as well as edit it freely, using promotional materials in its products.

For more information on the new program you will find directly on the site / awards.

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