Flamester typing in the colors of the rainbow

American company Cronzy has created a flamaster writing all the colors of the rainbow. The gadget can produce any color from a palette of 16 million colors!

Most pens allow you to write only one color. Although there are multicolor pens, they are not very popular and convenient to use due to the use of multiple cartridges that increase in size. We are still limited to just a few colors.

However, the American company Cronzy has created a pen that is a true revolution, as it offers the ability to write in any color from a huge palette of colors. This device is called Cronzy and is equipped with small ink cartridges containing basic colors that are then blended to obtain the right color.

At the other end of the pen is an optical system to scan the desired color from any object. It can also be selected from the mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Then, the electronic arrangement blends colors, thus obtaining the color chosen.

Producer of this remarkable pen collectes Indiegogo money to start a serial production, while allowing the gadget to be purchased at the same time. For $ 100 we will receive a flamaster, with five exchangeable tips, two ink cartridges and instructions.

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