Electric go-kart for children

It is not known that go kart racing is a true forge of talents of future racing drivers, the best example being Robert Kubica, the first Pole in Formula 1. It is therefore advisable to encourage your child from training in the early years, and help with this Arrow Smart-Kart.

The Smart-Kart is the first electric go-kart to be created for the youngest, which is the perfect toy for the baby and can further motivate him to become a professional racing driver in the future.

Gadget developed by Actev Motors may look awkward, but do not let its look fool you, as it is not a typical car dumpster for the little ones. The vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is compatible with smartphones on the iOS and Android platforms.

Dedicated application allows you to adjust the capacity of the go-cart, such as a speed limit of up to 19 km / h and the setting of safe areas where the child can move (after leaving the vehicle will turn off). The toy will also report lack of activity for an extended period of time, plus an emergency shutdown button. The manufacturer of the go-kart has also installed anti-collision sensors that automatically stop it when it detects an obstacle in its path.

Interestingly, the application working with Arrow Smart-Kart is not just for parents, because children can also use it. They can also set their own maximum speed (without exceeding the limit set by parents), the driving time and the distance they want to beat. They can also pick up engine sounds, gaining more realism while driving.

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The product costs $ 600 and is already available for pre-order on the manufacturer’s website. Builders also promise to provide additional accessories such as personalized body kits, Formula 1-inspired steering wheel, or cones with distance sensors.