New macbook complicated in repair

Apple laptops have always been designed so that the average user can not handle any repairs and has to use official services. For the new 12-inch Retina display, the MacBook is exactly what iFixit has confirmed. Editors of a well-known website to help users fix their own hardware, this time they took a look at […]

Which is the fastest?

Google Chrome is known for speed, but is it still the fastest web browser? We compare it to popular applications: Opera, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Throughout the web, it was always about getting the information you needed, in addition as quickly as possible. But now much has changed. Today, the internet is not just information […]

Alexa will go to more devices

Amazon and Intel are working together to make Alexa available for more devices. In the near future, the digital assistant will no longer be limited to the speakers of the American corporation. Amazon Alexa is one of the most interesting technologies of recent years. It’s a voice assistant that works in a similar way to […]

Luxembourg supports cosmic mining

Ending resources on the planet make big companies intensify their efforts to start extracting resources from asteroids close to Earth. Overhead is an almost inexhaustible source of all kinds of metals and precious elements, and it is enough to reach for it. Of course, legal issues need to be settled in the past and this […]

Electric go-kart for children

It is not known that go kart racing is a true forge of talents of future racing drivers, the best example being Robert Kubica, the first Pole in Formula 1. It is therefore advisable to encourage your child from training in the early years, and help with this Arrow Smart-Kart. The Smart-Kart is the first […]