Powerful power in every pocket

Statistically the most important user applies to the equipment that is closest to him … That is why many of us are particularly affectionate in the pocket of phones. Gigahertz, huge amounts of RAM and powerful screen make it not only a tool for talking, sending and instant messaging. The birth of another superstar smartphone […]

DVD drive manufacturers will pay a penalty

The antitrust proceedings for DVD computer manufacturers have been over for more than 7 years. As part of the settlement, the drivers of the companies involved will receive $ 10 compensation. Court proceedings often take many years, especially if they are antitrust proceedings. One of these began more than seven years ago and involved companies […]

Lamps with popular cartoon characters

Children’s room is the place where we have the most memories. Must have some secrets, a place to work and play. And necessarily, provide an excellent atmosphere. A good way to improve the “climate” in a room is to use light. With Philips lamps, cheerful characters from Disney animated films can enter each child’s room. […]