Alexa will go to more devices

Amazon and Intel are working together to make Alexa available for more devices. In the near future, the digital assistant will no longer be limited to the speakers of the American corporation.

Amazon Alexa is one of the most interesting technologies of recent years. It’s a voice assistant that works in a similar way to Cortana or Siri, but a different field. It is part of the Amazon Echo family of speakers and focuses primarily on home use.

The assistant can read messages, share stock results, read ebooks, play music, and manage home appliances from the smart home category. With voice commands we can control lighting, heating and many other things.

So far Alexa has been confined to Echo speakers, but will soon be on other devices. Amazon has partnered with Intel to make the digital assistant available on all new hardware.

Intel is also working to make the assistant part of the Smart Home Hub, which will enable manufacturers to build new smart home products that work with Alexa.

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